6 Benefits of an Annual Furnace Cleaning

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As each year passes, you may find it easier and easier to take your home heating for granted. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not worry about their furnace until a major problem has occurred. One way to prevent furnace issues is with an annual cleaning.

HVAC technicians can provide a detailed cleaning of your furnace once a year. Each cleaning comes with many benefits and will ultimately save money in the long run. Learn about the benefits and why you should make an annual furnace cleaning part of your home maintenance routine.

1. Better Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of annual cleaning is better efficiency for your furnace. When the furnace boiler and ducts are cleaned are, the furnace will run at better rates and not need to run as long to provide heat for a home.

A furnace with better efficiency can save you much money in the long run. You do not have to pay extra oil and can heat your home for a lot less each year. Of course, the efficiency of every furnace is different. Still, in some cases, the savings from the furnace could completely offset the costs for cleaning. A special calculator can help figure out differences as well.

After your first cleaning, you can compare the money spent on oil for the year and compare the amounts to previous years to see the difference. When oil prices fluctuate, an even better comparison would be to see the number of gallons you burn through each year.

2. Cleaner Burns

When an HVAC tech cleans out your furnace, they will eliminate the dust, debris, and build-up inside the burners. The result will not only save money with better efficiency, but your furnace will have cleaner burns. The cleaner burns will improve the air quality in your home and help the environment.

An HVAC technician will inspect the furnace to check for any air leaks or carbon monoxide issues. Special tools can examine the areas and ensure all the furnace elements are locked down and in place so air leaks do not occur.

3. Quiet Operations

One of the loudest pieces of equipment in your home is typically the furnace. You will often hear the rumble and loud sounds of the furnace starting up. However, if you feel like your furnace has become louder over the years, you do not just hear things. As a furnace runs, screws become loose, panels dislodge, and vibrations increase.

Without proper maintenance, a furnace will vibrate more and become much louder than you intended. During a cleaning, a technician will help secure all furnace elements and replace screws where needed. Along with the furnace itself, the duct and pipe brackets are also secured to reduce noise.

Not only will the reduction of noise help your ears, but you can help prevent major problems that occur when a furnace vibrates or shakes too much.

4. Duct Obstructions

While we want heating ducts to provide clean elements, there may be times with obstructions cause problems and impact the way heat flows through a home. Eliminate any major duct obstructions with a furnace cleaning. Dirt is one of the more common elements filling up ducts, but your home may have rodents stuck in the ducts as well.

Cleaning out the ducts will improve both the air quality and efficiency of a furnace. If you’ve noticed that some rooms of the home do not heat up as well as others, then a duct obstruction could be one of the main causes.

5. Oil Filter Replacements

One task done during every cleaning is a full oil filter replacement. Modern oil tanks are often filled with sludge and grime. If your tank gets low on oil, the sludge can seep into the lines and clog the filter. Once a filter is changed, oil can reach the furnace easier and provide a hotter and more powerful burn.

If excess sludge does appear, an HVAC tech may try to remove extra sludge in the oil tank if the build-up has grown too big. The filter will often act as the first sign and help prevent any problems.

6. Diagnosing Small Problems

A visual and physical inspection of your furnace is one of the key ways to eliminate any signs of small problems most people will miss. For example, an HVAC tech may notice a fan is jammed or an element of the furnace leaks. When these small problems are taken care of, you can prevent bigger problems down the line.

Prevention is key, and you can keep a furnace lasting for many years with the proper maintenance and care.

For more information on furnace cleaning, contact us at Derek Sawyers Heating & Air Conditioning. We will help you schedule a cleaning and schedule future appointments to ensure you do not forget the annual care for your furnace. Shortly after a cleaning, you will notice major differences and help keep your furnace running for years into the future.

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