Commercial ServiceCommercial Service

In the event of your commercial heating or cooling system failure, our experienced technicians have the knowledge to diagnose, repair, and restore your furnace or air conditioner back to operating condition. We offer a thorough diagnostic of your HVAC system and after finding a solution we offer up-front pricing at an affordable rate.

Please contact our office for our commercial pricing and specials.

Ask about our PG&E commercial maintenance program.


Maintaining your commercial heating and air conditioning applications usually requires quarterly maintenance services. We strive to offer our customers competitive pricing to keep your HVAC systems operating efficiently year-round. Please contact us to request a maintenance quote. We are also a participating contractor in the Pacific Gas and Electric company's (PG&E) commercial HVAC quality maintenance program. This program provides funding for commercial maintenance's. Please call for details or take a look at the link.


When your current equipment is ready to be replaced, Derek Sawyer's Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in the replacement of light commercial heating and air conditioning systems units. Our highly trained installation technicians have the capabilities to install each system in a professional, safe, and timely fashion.
Sawyer Installation Process - Heating and air conditioning in Modesto, CA
Preparing For Installation - Heating and air conditioning in Modesto, CA