Home Safety Inspection

At Derek Sawyer's, we have specialized personnel who are trained to conduct a ten-point audit for your home's health. The audit is created to enlighten people about the ways to get a cleaner and healthier indoor atmosphere,
The audit includes the below mentioned phases:
  • Testing gas appliances for any signs of carbon mono-oxide leaking
  • Analyzing each room's airflow to find out cold as well as hot spots in the entire house
  • Checking for problems like breaks and leaks as well as hazards like asbestos in the ductwork
  • Ensuring that the design of the ductwork is efficient enough to provide optimal safety, comfort and good health to the homeowners
  • Testing the active HVAC equipment to find out whether they are functioning properly, including the fan to check the air quality of indoors.
  • Testing the effectiveness of the existing purification and operation
  • Examining the inside of the ductwork with visual test and swab to find out build up and debris.
  • Examining every gas appliance for fire hazards
  • Checking the humidity level inside the entire house
  • Checking all the smoke detectors to find out if they are perfectly operational and safe

If you want us to conduct the audit for your home, please fill out the form below to fix and appointment today. We are eager to hear from you.
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