Utility Funded Service Program

yes Start saving money now on your heating and air conditioning costs. The Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is currently funding the “AC Quality Care Program” to have your heating and cooling system tested for areas that are not working safely or efficiently. Contractors must complete an advanced training course provided by PG&E in order to become a program service provider. The training required for this program utilizes high quality and thoroughness as the standard in order to ensure you receive a comprehensive and thorough service. PG&E will pay $75.00 to either the customer or the service providing contractor for performing the initial safety testing and efficiency assessment. The normal fee for this initial service can be hundreds of dollars but at Derek Sawyers Smart Energy Heating and Air Inc., we perform it at no cost by accepting only the $75.00 directly from PG&E. This program is designed to ensure your system is safe for you to operate and that it uses as little energy as possible while lasting as long as it can. There is a total of $850.00 in rebate funds available per central air system installed in your home. The rebate are only available while funding lasts and we are only offering this service at no cost for a limited time. Schedule your no cost service appointment now and start saving money!!

See the Utility Company Program Brochure