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Professional Stockton Furnace Maintenance From Derek’s Team

To operate at its best, your system needs regular inspections and attention. But, of course, not everyone has the time to pay their system all of this attention. That’s why Derek Sawyer’s Heating & Air provides top-notch Stockton HVAC maintenance services for anyone in need. Your system works hard to keep you comfortable, so why not take care of it with professional service!

With our services for HVAC maintenance in Stockton, you can avoid the costly repairs that come after a breakdown. That means you spend less time and money trying to get your system to operate correctly. Better yet, with our 20-point inspection, you can feel safe knowing that we’ve thoroughly inspected your unit and repaired any issues, all for the low cost of $67.

Entrust Your System To Our Stockton HVAC Maintenance Team

Before committing to our Stockton HVAC maintenance services, you must determine which is best for you. You may, for example, find that your air conditioner is no longer cooling your house correctly or is consuming far too much energy to do so. In this case, Derek Sawyer’s Heating And Air Conditioning recommend that you take advantage of our Stockton air conditioning maintenance service. However, suppose you find that your furnace emits a gas smell, or your family feels sleepy during daylight hours. In that case, your heating system may be suffering from gas leaks! Our Stockton furnace maintenance is definitely for you if this is the case.

How do you know what kind of maintenance your home needs? Well, the answer is simple; contact the experts at Derek Sawyer’s Heating And Air Conditioning for an inspection! We will help you determine which of our Stockton maintenance services is right for you!

Full Spectrum Stockton Air Conditioning Maintenance

At Derek Sawyer’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we specialize in HVAC. Still, our Stockton air conditioning service is truly one-of-a-kind. We have trained our expert technicians to perform our 20-point Stockton air conditioning maintenance in less than an hour and a half. Suppose you’re looking for air conditioning maintenance in Stockton. In that case, no other company can do the job as efficiently and quickly as we can. During our air conditioning maintenance in Stockton, we will:

  • Test Capacitors
  • Calibrate the Thermostat
  • Lubricate the Bearings
  • Examine Safety Devices
  • Clean the Indoor Coil
  • Examine the Fan’s Blade
  • Flush the Condensate Drain
  • Clean the Air Purifier
  • Examine the Ducts
  • Check the Condenser Coil
  • Clean the Condenser Coil
  • Examine the Service Valves
  • Test For Burnt Contacts
  • Check For Exposed Wiring
  • Examine Electrical Wiring Connections
  • Examine the Operation Of the Compressor
  • Monitor the Refrigerant’s Operating Pressures
  • Calculate Supply/Return Temperature Differential
  • Calculate the Blower Motor’s Amperage and Voltage
  • Inspect The Electrical Disconnect Box For Proper Installation

Once we finish our air conditioning maintenance in Stockton, we make sure that we leave the work site as clean as we arrived, if not more so. This attention to detail ensures that your air conditioner will continue to work as efficiently as possible.

Let Us Help You Keep Up With Your Stockton Heater Maintenance

We rely on our heaters to keep us safe from the chill of winter, but they can become a threat to our family without regular maintenance. Protect your home and family with yearly heater maintenance in Stockton. Our Stockton heater maintenance service will keep your furnace running smoothly and cleanly. A simple, annual inspection from our HVAC professionals will ensure that you never pay more than you have to for your heater. Our Stockton heater maintenance has the added benefit of safeguarding your family by clearing any debris near your heater and checking for gas leaks.

When looking for heater maintenance in Stockton, look no further than the same experts you trust to bring you air conditioning maintenance; Derek Sawyer Heating And Air Conditioning. We provide the same comprehensive inspections for heaters as we do for air conditioners, including:

  • A Heat Exchanger Inspection
  • A Furnace Burner Cleaning
  • An Examination of the Safety and Control Circuits
  • The Cleaning and Lubrication of the Blower Motor Vents
  • An Examination of the Electrical Wiring Connections
  • A Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • An Examination of the Exhaust System’s Vents
  • A Lubrication of the System’s Articulations
  • Fan Belt Tension Adjustment
  • A Cleaning of the Combustion Vents
  • Cleaning the air filter
  • A Furnace Proximity Cleaning
  • HydroScan™ Certification of the Heat Exchangers
  • Thermostat Calibration
  • Natural Gas Leak Detection
  • Ignition System Test
  • A Cleaning of the Furnace’s Exterior
  • An Adjustment of your Gas Pressure
  • Calculate Supply/Return Temperature Differential
  • Calculate Your Blower Motor’s Amperage and Voltage

Once we’ve completed our Stockton heater maintenance service, you can rest assured that your home will be as safe and warm as possible.

For The Most Reliable Stockton HVAC Maintenance Services, Rely On Us

We all rely on our HVAC systems to save us from the cold and heat outside our homes, but who should we rely on to keep our systems in working condition? Well, Derek Sawyer’s Heating and Air Conditioning, of course! With years of experience and trusted service, the team at Derek Sawyer’s Heating and Air Conditioning is prepared to handle all of your Stockton HVAC maintenance needs. No longer will you have to live with underwhelming air conditioning or weak heating that may be threatening your household. Just give the team a call, and we will have your HVAC systems working as well as new.

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